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Taking Your Rights Seriously:

Canada is a Nation founded upon the rule of law.  As a people we are guaranteed seminal rights such as the right to silence, the right to be advised by a lawyer and the right to be presumed innocent.  When one finds themselves caught within the machinations of justice, it is fairly easy to forget that ours is a society built upon said rule of law.  Despite how one might view it: when under arrest or investigation, ours is not a police state. 

That is not to say it cannot become one.  As a defence lawyer, I take my position in society very seriously.  The protection of our fundamental rights must be defended zealously and without hesitation.  It is my belief that as Canadians our right to a trial underpins the fundamental principles of justice of our Nation.  Because of this belief, I have built my practice by advocating on behalf of my clients at trial.

I have appeared at all levels of court in Alberta and have successfully defended clients accused of all manner of criminal activities such as:

-Impaired Driving

-Possession & Trafficking of Narcotics

-Domestic Violence

-Sexual Assaults

-Fire Arms Offences

-Property Offences

If you are under arrest or recently charged with a criminal offence, please contact my office. I will undertake to represent you discreetly and help you navigate your way through the criminal justice system.